• 15 car emblems with meaning

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    You probably think that on the emblems of automobile companies, designers paint everything that comes into their heads, or what the management orders. In fact, very often emblems carry a semantic load, symbolizing something really important: historical facts, geographical location, or, say, the signs of the zodiac.


    Chevrolet It is a


    rare case when even automotive historians do not know the meaning of the brand emblem. There are many versions of the appearance of the cross: from references to the Swiss flag (the founder of the company, Louis Chevrolet, hails from there) to the wallpaper pattern in the hotel, where the documents on the foundation of the company were signed. The true story, alas, is unknown to anyone.




    One of the most famous automotive emblems in the world - the three-pointed star for over a hundred years has shown the company's areas of interest on earth, in the sky and at sea.




    There is a popular version, they say, the propeller is depicted on the BMW logo, which refers us to the aviation past of the brand. In fact, everything is much simpler. The blue and white fields on the emblem are just a tribute to the homeland of BMW, the federal state of Bavaria. Her flag is also blue and white.




    The now famous "Four Rings" symbolize the union of four German car brands: Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer, which in 1932 united under the common roof of the Auto Union concern.


    Volkswagen The


    graphically simple but well-adjusted Volkswagen emblem is not just a spider, but the capital letters of the German words Volks (folk) and Wagen (car).




    In Japanese, the word "Subaru" literally means "Six Stars". At the same time, the six stars in the Land of the Rising Sun mean the constellation of the Pleiades. Do I still need to explain what is depicted on the emblem of your "Forester" ?!




    No, these are not paws or arrows. The Citroen's badge depicts the chevron gear teeth, the production of which at the beginning of the 20th century became the first successful business of the entrepreneur Andre Citroen.

  • Opel The


    lightning bolt on the emblem of the company from Rüsselsheim appeared in the 30s of the last century, symbolizing the record success and racing models of the brand that were already in the past.




    The founder of the company Ferruccio Lamborghini was a Taurus in the zodiac sign. We assume you are now clear with the Lambo emblem.




    The Maserati brothers, and there were, by the way, four of them, did not rack their brains for a long time over the emblem of their company. After all, they all come from Bologna, perhaps the main attraction of which is the Neptune Fountain. Well, what is the sea lord holding in his hand? Correctly a trident.




    The city of Togliatti, where the VAZ is located, is located next to the Volga. In ancient times, they swam along it on boats. Questions?



    "Three Diamonds" Mitsubishi traces its history to three oak leaves that adorned the coat of arms of the Japanese clan Tosa. A native of this clan, Yataro Iwasaki, back in 1870 organized a shipping company, which after 47 years reached the production of the first car.


    Alfa romeo


    The company owes its picturesque and a little bloodthirsty (look closely and see how the dragon on the Alpha emblem swallows a man) logo the company owes to the red and white colors of Milan and the family coat of arms of the noble Visconti family. It turned out great and with a pretense, just like the cars from Alfa-Romeo.




    It's not just a capital A, it is a capital A shaped like a stylized compass symbolizing the engineering precision of the Japanese premium brand.